Top 5 Chrome Hearts Sunglasses sale 2018

Chrome Hearts Sunglasses 2018.They try to put many fashionable metals, from sterling silver to 22k gold, to every pair of chrome-plated sunglasses they create. The extensive and detailed tools needed to produce each product, as well as the use of a large amount of exotic materials, chrome hearts sunglasses online store.make chrome the most expensive collection of spectacles ever made. Exotic woods, exquisite leather, precious stones, and sterling silver décor combines the latest innovations in optical technology, metallurgy, and laser engraving to create one of the world’s most unique luxury glasses and sunglasses series. Each chrome-plated frame is like a separate artwork, and the past design continues to be highly sought after by collectors.

Chrome Hearts Oversized Sunglasses

Women’s Chrome Hearts Sunglasses collection

Chrome Hearts Sunglasses Sale
Chrome Hearts Sunglasses online

Painter Matt DiGiacomo used his signature mouth pattern to design this sunglasses, chrome heart glasses for sale,adding a flair to the luxury frame.

The lip-shaped lenses of each pair hold his toothy smile graphic printed right onto it.

The line is decadently made with a custom 24K gold cover and five-layer anti-reflective coating.

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Chrome Hearts Stains Sunglasses

  • Unisex semi-rimless aviator sun.
  1. At the top of the pure titanium border line is a badge with a chrome heart logo,and equipped with flexible titanium mirror legs.
  2. A .925 sterling silver or 12K gold plated wrapped CH Cross adorns the temples at the hinge connection, and a hollowed out Tiny E CH Plus accents the temple tips.

Chrome Hearts The Beast Sunglasses

Men’s Chrome Hearts Sunglasses collection

  • Unisex classic aviator.
  1. A metal frame front is fitted with two temple options of exotic wood or handmade Japanese acetate.
  2. The temple end piece is accented with Tiny E CH Plus motif and a CH Plus motif inside the temples at the hinge connection.
  3. The wooden temples are interleaved with seven layers of exotic wood and zyl temples, and laser etching is used to repeat the CH cross pattern.
  4. The guitar pick end-tips are accented with an inlaid CH Plus or a CH Plus decor.
  5. Black rhodium-plated frame details will naturally wear and scratch.Polishing of black rhodium details may remove plating.
  6. Please polish and handle it carefully.

Chrome Hearts cat-eye frame sunglasses

  • This item is unisex.

Black and gold-tone titanium cat-eye frame sunglasses from Chrome hearts sunglasses price. Dark red chrome plated chrome heart-shaped cat-eye sunglasses with sterling silver hardware, embellished lenses and temples.

Chrome Hearts Moist Sunglasses

  • Hollywood Tortoise – Shiny Black
  • Juicy Fruit – Shiny Silver
  • White Pearl – Gold Plated
  1. lens polishing.Chrome Hearts Moist Sunglasses is an incredibly luxurious and elegant designer model, crafted by skilled craftsmen to provide the best of both internal and external elites.
  2. Moist sunglasses have a full border, wide round frame, bold, polished acetate front frame prominent and seductive, opposite, slender temples.
  3. The temple contains iconic chrome Hearts cross motif, which brings unique and distinctive charms to the sunglasses.
  4. Moist sunglasses are not shy of fashion, it has retro charm and eye-catching fashion statement.
  5. The Chrome Hearts sunglasses have a variety of vibrant, exotic color combinations.
  6. Calibration lenses and mirror lenses provide 100% UV protection.

How to pick the sunglasses that suit you

Face and sunglasses

Most of the sister’s face can be divided into four types, Round, Oval, Square, Heart.


A round face is a soft circle.At this time you need a pair of square sunglasses, such as wayfarer, square sunglasses,to add a little bit of edge to their own soft edges.Or Wearing cat’s eye sunglasses Let the whole face jump out well-organized,Looks more flying, more feminine.


Face long longer than the face wide, slightly wide forehead, mellow soft chin, which is what we say duck egg face.It looks good on what you wear.To highlight the character, you can try some exaggerated bold shapes and designs, such as oversized .


Extreme cases face length = face width.A square face has a sharp jaw and some “hard” edges.This face needs soft lines to correct the hard,So the round sunglasses, the aviator sunglasses, heart-shaped sunglasses and so on ARC lenses sunglasses most suitable for square face.


Wide forehead, pointed chin.For this kind of face, also not too choose sunglasses style.Because the forehead is wider and the chin is sharp, so pay attention to sunglasses do not than the width of the temples on both sides too wide.And the mirror leg not too thick, the whole glasses look thin some better.

Buy Chrome Hearts Sunglasses online 2018, see more Sunglasses collection with colors and sizes, Choose Your favourite Chrome Hearts Sunglasses and buy now.

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