Buy Chrome Hearts ring oxidize? Care should pay attention.

Chrome Hearts’s most popular single product is his family’s ring and bracelet.Because it is pure hand-made, so you can feel the kind of clumsy and vicissitudes of the lines, with the spirit of medieval art, in the beautiful arc and Black shadow, creating a clumsy and vicissitudes of the tough wind.

Its unruly rebellion was also admired by many playing hip-hop fans.Some people say that Chrome Hearts is a brand that is hype by chrome hearts ring online.In fact, I think the Chrome Hearts still has high forcing and high demand,the better the design is.

Chrome Hearts Men’s Black Silver Jewellery Ring


Is the Chrome Hearts ring going to oxidize?

Chrome hearts rings are usually silver jewelry, easily oxidized.

Silver jewelry wear For a long time the local will become black, this is because the silver in the air reacts with sulfur, produce black silver sulfide, affect the beauty.

If it has been oxidized to black, can be washed with silver washing, or silver Bushi (wiping silver cloth contains the removal of silver dirt and the protection of silver Polish agent).

What about Chrome hearts ring oxidation?

  1.  Silver jewelry often black, although can often clean, but also very troublesome.
    I teach you to prepare a bottle of transparent nail polish before cleaning silver.
    After cleaning, dry the silver ornaments with the wind drum, then apply a coat of nail polish to the clean silver.(Some styles of jewellery are not suitable. chrome hearts jewelry online.And the best not to do so.)
  2. Wipe with a silver cloth. Silver ring with a slight oxidation can be used to clean the silver cloth direct maintenance.
  3. Silver store with polishing machine polishing (No platinum plating proposal,Plated Platinum Polished defense oxidation layer is gone)

What about the Chrome hearts ring?

If you buy this ring for the first time,Select letters,Because it is double-sided, you can use the letter half circle upwards, or you can cross the half circle upwards, two ways to wear.

The letter circle alone will not feel abrupt,After all, this brand pay attention to matching, other models are not easy to wear alone.

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How to maintain the Chrome Hearts ring

1. Clean up and put it away
If silver jewelry is not worn for a long time, the surface of some silver ornaments will have copper rust. This is because it contains a small amount of copper.must be wiped clean with silver polishing cloth.
Eliminates sweat from being left on the jewelry and causes corrosion, and then puts it in the attached sealed bag or box.Good air separation to prevent oxidation from yellowing and blackening.If they are often worn on weekdays, the body’s oil will have the effect of using silver oil to maintain its natural luster.

2. Restore bright color
Silver jewelry will become black due to air oxidation,chrome hearts online store authentic, exposure to hot springs or strong acid solutions. K-gold and silver ornaments will slowly expose the underlying silver to the air.After brushing, allow the foam to adhere to the silver jewelry for about one minute. Rinse with clean water. After drying with a soft cloth, you will find that your favorite silver jewelry has restored its bright colors.

3. Do not use silver wash water
Try not to use silver wash water to wash silver jewelry, because it will erode the surface of pure silver, although it will soon be bright, but it will soon turn yellow and black.
And every time you use silver wash water, it is to erode silver jewelry again. For your favorite silver jewelry, you need to use silver polishing cloth.

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